Tyler & Alex Tie The Knot!

Where do I ever begin with these two? They had this innocent love about them that made me feel so YOUNG! Every single time they looked at each other, they went in for a little peck and giggled. It was the cutest thing I ever witnessed! I got to know them at their engagement session and they were the same way with each other! So I am pretty sure these two go to sleep giggling and smiling! They started their day off with their beautiful wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Malibu, where there was obviously amazing views! They agreed with me to go to the beach after their ceremony to get bridal shots, I am SOOOO happy they agreed to do this! Their photos came out so beautiful. There are a lot of brides out there that would decline due to the sand…. Remember ladies, this is your one day!! The perfect photos are worth it all!!! You will not regret it!!! They had their reception at Las Poses Country Club, boy is it pretty! It has been completely renovated!

I am so excited to share these with you, I promise you will feel the love!!