Chris & Jody's Engagement Session!

I just love this couple!! They seriously make one beautiful pair. I met with them last weekend in Malibu for their engagement session and when they stepped out of their car, I got sooo excited because they looked PERFECT!!! Engagement sessions are so crucial to me. Reasons being, it gets you and me as your photographer comfortable and more acquainted with each other before your big day. Its like your wedding day practice round! We get to know each other while having fun and pose practicing. And in the mean time you are able to walk away with such memorable photos to either keep just for you, make prints for your wedding day or even send out as your save the date cards!! 

I am so excited to shoot Chris and Jody's wedding in June! When I asked Jody about how she and Chris met, this is what she said! "I moved to Oak Park when I started working for Daniella as her assistant as I had just became a hairdresser and Linda one of Daniella’s clients wanted to fix me up, and showed me and Daniella a picture of her daughter's ex boyfriend and in the picture was a group of guys and one of them was Chris I picked him out of the pick line “what about him” and Linda was like that’s a better match. She ran into him the next day and showed him a pic of me, then he added me on Facebook and messaged me and then we met up at Lure for happy hour! Rest was history!" It was fate people!!! I love hearing these stories!!! 

Enjoy some of Chris and Jody's photos!! 

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