Robert & Charisse - Soul Mates!

Where do I start with Robert and Charisse, I can remember like it was yesterday when I photographed their engagement session, both so nervous to be in front of the camera… it didn’t take long for them to feel at ease and just be themselves! They were naturals, more in the sense that you could just FEEL their love. The way they’d look at each other, touch each other, the whole bit, I knew right away they were perfect for each other! Fast forward to their very anticipated wedding day, they spent many years together before this big day! It was PERFECT. Not only that it suited their sweet hearts and souls down to every last detail. Gentle, Kind, Elegant and Unique! They had their wedding at an Orchid Farm in Goleta, CA. Stunning! Their reception was in a huge greenhouse! I was in a photographers heaven! Their ceremony was overlooking the ocean with some neat railroad tracks next it that we were sure to take advantage of. Their day was perfectly perfect, filled with love and admiration of their love. It was such an honor to capture this day for these sweet souls. The best is when your clients become friends… I adore them. Enjoy their photos!