Let me introduce myself, I am Angel and I have been a professional photographer for the past 19 years. My Grandfather was my greatest mentor...a professional photographer himself, I am quite proud to follow in his footsteps!

I specialize in weddings. My passion for capturing peoples love stories is VERY real!! I become emotionally connected to all of the different love stories that I am told by my clients. I can honestly say, that I have not photographed one wedding where I haven't shed a tear or two! I am a hopeless romantic!

Let's not leave out my sense of humor! I am a goofball, I LOVE to laugh. I have tremendous passion for children and animals. I believe that I have a heart that sees beauty in absolutely everything. I believe it shows in my photographs. I believe in fairytales and I do believe in soulmates!

I have quite the love story myself! We can swap stories! I am married to a wonderful man who supports me and all of my passions. I am in LOVE with being a new mama to our baby girl, Willow!